Past Projects

We are always looking at new ways of solving civic issues through 21st century tech. Over the years, our team has built, tested, and researched multiple projects, all with the same goal of helping citizens become more engaged and involved in their community.

DemocracyLab was founded around a specific idea for a civic engagement platform, seeking to map the connections between the values people hold, the objectives they want to accomplish, and the policies they'd like to see implemented.  

We built several iterations of this idea, which are described below.  The hypothesis these projects were based on is that if people are given the opportunity to express their priorities in a structured way that reveals points of commonality, that centrist, incremental solutions to problems will emerge.  

These projects achieved inadequate traction to fully test our hypothesis.



Watch the video below for a demonstration of how it works.




Try It

You can also try out an earlier implementation of the same idea here, examining Oregon's tax system (don't worry if you're not an Oregonian).