We've got a better chance of resolving conflict when we understand why we disagree.  DemocracyLab is working to illuminate citizens' thought processes by mapping out the connections between the values held, the objectives sought, and the policies advocated.  You can try out our original platform here, examining Oregon's tax system (don't worry if you're not an Oregonian).


We recently updated our platform to include interesting new data visualizations, but we've run into a few stability problems.  The video below is a demo of the new platform, recorded before our recent challenges arose.  We hope to have the new platform up and running again shortly...


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  • commented 2016-05-21 07:10:41 -0700
    We should try the original version of their engagement platform if we have some free time from working on our sites or from other jobs. I hope to see new version of this platform next time.